Best router bit sharpening equipment and lowest prices on sharpening router bits and circular / table saw blades.  Our new CNC saw blade sharpener / grinder gives your carbide tipped saw blades & bits the sharpest edge. FAQ home Contact
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Look no further if seeking router bit sharpening or new router bits.  We use the best router bit sharpening equipment to get that razor edge.

Dan Callari, President of Dynamic Saw, has 23+ years of experience in sharpening and selling router bits, saw blades, and tools to customers throughout North America.  Call him at 1-888-528-0808 for a free consulting session if you're interested in one or more of the following types of products or services:


New Router Bits 
Small sample of products as we represent many manufacturers.  

cmt router bits
amana router bits
carbide router bits
custom router bits
diamond router bits
cnc router bits
industrial router bits
pattern router bit
tongue and groove router bit
laminate trim router bits
bead cove router bit
bull nose router bit set
c m t router bits
core box router bit
finger joint router bit
router bits woodworking
spiral upcutting router bits
door edging router bits
raised panel router bit set
router bits for aluminum
router cuts
spiral router bits
dovetail router bits
pin router bits
router bit sets
router bit bearings
stile & rail router bit
tongue & v-groove router bit
american router bits
bead and cove router bit
custom made router bits
metric router bits
specialty router bits
woodworking router bits


Router Bit Sharpener Price List

Router Bits
--- Straight flute bits
--- Angled flute bits
--- Cut off (Shorten)


$ 4.00 each
$ 4.00 each
$ 3.50 each
Spiral Router Bits
--- Single flute
--- Double flute


$ 15.00 each
$ 15.00 each
Compression Router Bits
--- Single flute
--- Double Flute


$ 20.25 each
$ 20.25 each
Shaper Cutters
--- 3 wing less than 1" wide
--- Cutters over 1" wide


$ 7.50 each
$ 2.50 per inch / wing
Panel Raising Bits  
--- Three wing
--- Four wing


$12.00 each
$16.00 each
Boring Bits  
--- Carbide tipped
--- Steel


$ 6.00 each
$ 6.00 each
Delivery & Extra Charges
--- Standard
--- Rush Charge

1 week
add 100%

* All prices subject to change without notice.  Call us for a free consultation and/or price quote on any router bit sold by these manufacturers as we offer deep discounts.

Amana Tool  CMT

At Dynamic Saw, We Make The Cutting Edge!


sharpening router bits, table & circular saw blades

router bit sharpeners

router bit sharpening equipment

selling new blades,  router bits, or other tools from these companies: Popular Tools, Amana Tool, CMT, Freeborn, Morse, Velepec

Call Dan Callari at 1-888-528-0808 for a free consulting session and price quote.



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Copyright 2001-15 by Dynamic Saw of Buffalo, New York.  We specialize in sharpening saw blades, router bits, and selling general to professional new saw blades, router bits, and woodworking tools.

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